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Crawley Down But Not Out…

The skipper’s report seems to be a dying art (and you’ll see why shortly – Ed.) but it might have a place for those who weren’t at the game and have a passing interest in what happens to The Beamers.

Crawley Down beckoned but it took a committed team to get there – late drop outs, damaged deities, the London to Brighton bike ride and the pissing rain – just some of the obstacles put in our way. But Riggers’ fan base produced an extra player, A&E did sterling work liaising with their fixture sec and Gordy WALKED FIVE MILES from the station to get there. Yeah, yeah… but what about the cricket I hear you one ask?

Well it was fun, in a cricket sort of way. Lots of runs (mostly by them unfortunately), a sun drenched pitch, excellent fielding (err, again mostly by them) and a tea from heaven.

They chose to bat first and produced their centurion who proceeded to batter us and the adjoining houses (it was a short boundary – it must have been even the skipper hit a six later…) for most of the afternoon.

Harry Deacon, who sounds like a character from a John le Carre novel but is in fact our official youth policy, opened with THE BEAST (a first time for everything) and bowled fast and furious including getting a couple of edges to second slip. Both were dropped unfortunately and even more so because the second resulted in the damaged deity hurting himself even more.

Bowlers were regularly rotated with first changes Gordy and Riggers bowling well and taking wickets but still the centurion remained. Kumy and the Dobmeister tried to befuddle them by bowling a variety of different deliveries, most of them intentionally, but still he remained.

Nicholls brought himself on and luckily got wickets, including THAT one, when he held one back and slid it across the left hander/he ran out of energy and was only able to smack it to David at mid-off (delete where applicable). They hit out and got out but not before we were looking at chasing over 220.

What a fantastic tea…

With the deity done in Riggers stepped into the breach with David who smacked 10 off the first over! Then it went very quiet. David was out chasing a wide one and Riggers looked like he may be having one of his legendary ‘at the wicket kips’.

Then all of a sudden he woke up and was soon carting it, including a huge six over the long boundary and nearly into his cowering parents, ending up just shy of his 50. Beast stayed a while, Harry helped Riggers batter the bowlers a bit and Charlie tried too. Kumy had a cameo, Skip stayed for a bit too, G came and went, Jonners upper cut for four but was out trying to repeat his own version of the Dilshan scoop, A&E slapped his first ball for four and… see above. But we were always a little behind the run rate.

Still the Harvey’s tasted good and I’m sure we’ll win a game some time this season…

Rob Nic

2013 Fixtures – With Skippers

After what seems like ages, the season is nearly upon us.  We have fixtures and the fixtures have skippers:

Opposition H/A Location Start Time Skipper
12-May Findon A Findon 2pm AE
19-May Lewes St Michaels A Convent Field 2pm RS
09-Jun St Peters A Preston Park 1:30pm RT
16-Jun Crawley Down A Crawley Down 2pm RN
30-Jun Palmers A Hove Rec 2pm RS
07-Jul Rodmell A Rodmell 2pm FR
14-Jul Ditchling A Ditchling 2pm NCh
25-Jul Smarden – Kent A Kent Tour – T20 6pm TBD
26-Jul Elham Valley – Kent A Kent Tour 2.30pm TBD
27-Jul Little Chart – Kent A Kent Tour 1pm TBD
01-Sep Long Men A Selmeston 2pm DA
08-Sep Watersfield A Watersfield 1.30pm FR
29-Sep T&WCC A Twineham 1pm AE

Let joy be unconfined.


Brighton Beamers Cricket Club – Fixtures 2013

As soft spring breezes gently caress the warm blissful South, our thoughts naturally turn to the season to come.  Which – for those who didn’t read their emails a couple of months ago – consists of the following delights:

12-May Findon  2pm
19-May Lewes St Michaels 2pm
09-Jun St Peters 1:30pm
16-Jun Crawley Down 2pm
30-Jun Palmers  2pm
07-Jul Rodmell 2pm
14-Jul Ditchling 2pm
25-Jul Smarden – Kent Tour – T20 6pm
26-Jul Elham Valley – Kent Tour 2.30pm
27-Jul Little Chart – Kent Tour 1pm
01-Sep Long Men (Selmeston) 2pm
08-Sep Watersfield 2pm
29-Sep Twineham & Wineham 1pm

All of these games are away.