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Winter Nets

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

As the rest of the world’s thoughts turn to the upcoming festivities, it beholds your average Beamer (no such thing, surely?) to turn their thoughts to the season beyond the hangovers of the next few weeks.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Grand Net Master Rob has invested much coin in the following indoor arrangements at The County Ground:

Sunday 26 February – 8-9pm
Sunday 4 March – 8-9pm
Sunday 11 March – 9-10pm

All – so it seems – to be followed by beer.  Whatever that means…

Rob would appreciate your early declarations.


PS – If anyone stumbles across this post and thinks, “Cricket?  Beer?  Mmm…”, then please come along and introduce yourself.

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing Musso

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Yes, it’s that time again. The early stirrings from Beamerland have already been spotted in the indoor nets at the County Ground: the first life-threatening bouncer from J; the first supple-shouldered booming leg break from Alex; the first attempt to safely gather in the net fees from Rob; the first “we’ll get ’em in sixes” swipe from Ali; the first sarcastic comment to the effect that, “you’re not turning it much” directed at me. All present. All, sadly, correct.

But what’s that I hear? Is it the dulcet tones of Grand Net Master Rob reminding us that outdoor (yes, in the sunshine no less) nets start on Thursday April 16th from 6.30-8pm at the fine facilities provided to us by our friends at Brighton College?

I think it is…

Let’s get ready to Beamer!


Outdoor Nets – Starting Soon

Monday, March 31st, 2008

What Day? Every Thursday until the end of term, starting on April 17th
Where? Brighton College, Eastern Road
What Time? 18:15-20:00

Tell Your Friends

Winter Nets – Dates Confirmed

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

The Right Hon. Rob, The Secretary of Nets, is pleased to confirm the following dates and times for the annual wrenching of the joints:

Tuesday March 4th, 9:00-1o:00pm
Tuesday March 11th, 9:00-1o:00pm

Would members be kind enough to notify the Secretary of their attendance.