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AGM part II

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

John Riches records:

Beamers AGM 2 – 10th December 2008

In attendance: John R., Ben, Maf, Jonners, God and Riggers (not many, eh?)

Apologies: Robs Nicholls and Siddons.

The main item being the held-over Treasurer’s Report (and after John R and Frank paid their overdue subs, with Frank feeling so guilty he paid next year in advance as well; Maf also handed over a overdue match fee), we launched straight into it:

Annotated from Jonners verbal report
‘Not good year, bad weather meant less games, therefore income down; low level of subs; people need to come to nets with money; some people – MUSSO, MARK and SIDDO, THIS MEANS YOU! – owe one or two net/and or match fees; MARLON!!! ELEPHANT WINNER!!! YOU’VE NOT PAID YOUR YEARLY SUBS!! MAF IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU!!’ (Discussion then ensued as to whether Marlon should be summarily stripped of the title, a course of action not felt necessary as long as Marlon spills the readies forthwith)

There followed discussion about higher match fees if subs aren’t paid; this was agreed to be £7.00 per game.

We have £141.16p in the bank (with another £80.00 collected tonight) totalling £221.16p. The bill for pitches is £254.98, although two were in fact cancelled, and there’s a disputed cancellation for another, bringing bill down to either £165.00 or £110.00. THEN there will be kit bills etc, and Frank mentioned that we need some Umpire’s coats.

It was agreed that people should pay their subs in advance of nets starting, but Jonners pointed out that it’s not a very nice thing to have to chase people, and ‘it would be nice if people volunteered money’. So! a new ethos, with accompanying slogan, was agreed with the aim of inspiring Beamers to dip into their pockets before being asked:
(Maf suggested that maybe this new slogan should adorn cricket caps, which would only be awarded upon payment of subs).

The Rigby’s Fitness Update; Frank and Richard are both on the mend, and will be back in action next season. Phew.

Beamer’s Christmas Party: Who will host??!! It was stressed that we should all keep the 20th December free, but somebody needs to come forward and offer to allow their house to be the site for general merriment and vomiting. A deadline for offers and decision is set for THIS SUNDAY, 14TH DECEMBER!

Officer’s posts; John R pointed out that these had all been agreed at the previous AGM, with Musso indicating that he would do it for one more year unless anybody wanted to take over. Maf said that he is happy to shadow Musso this year, with a view to doing so.

Concern was raised that the Secretary – hello Siddo! – has a number of other commitments that may have affected his ability to remember dates, bring pens to voting, and attend meetings; in the best possible spirit, help was offered by Frank.

Maf proposed a vote of confidence in the Treasurer, which was heartily agreed.


AGM Minutes

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

John Riches with assistance from Ben Rigby records:

Brighton Beamers AGM, The Battle of Trafalgar, 9th October 2008

It was chaos really, a combination of short – and possibly illegal – notice, too much beer, missing treasurers, late attendees and Maf’s insistence on dissecting the glorious victory at Twineham and Wineham at all points on the agenda, contributing to an overall air of raucous dishevelment.
What follows can only be a collection of snippets of conversations and allegations in the order, and increasing disorder, in which they occurred, with what passed for decisions in bold.
In attendance at 8.30, the appointed time: John Riches, Ben Rigby.
In attendance at other points: Maf, Siddo, A&E, Hugh, God, Rob Nicholls, Caveheart, Musso.
As Treasurer Jonners was reported to be in Iceland attempting to further destabilise that country’s banking collapse, many agenda items were not discussed.
Options and dates for the Elephant meal were outlined, those being the Chimney House and Mangerie on the 20th/21st or 27th/28th November. Frank added up the numbers, and we may have to go bigger. Suggestions, and commitments of availability welcome.
First calls went out to Fixture Secretary Musso to ascertain his whereabouts.
Jeremy is owed £300.00 for the purchase of two bats.
Chair Siddo arrived at 9.11pm, beating his last year record of being 15 minutes late.
Discussion on the Communications Structure. The Google group email is generally working well, with a few missing off the list. We should abandon the excel sheet for future availability, as hardly anyone uses it. We need more people to upload content onto the website, to ensure that it is happening and funky – starting with an up-to-date fixture list. Ben is going to do some sort of Ical link thing to the website, the meaning of which to many of us will only become apparent when it’s up.
Unattributed statement: ‘A website is like a sewer, what you get out of it is only what you put into it’. Ben: ‘Brown sludge’.
Agenda item 8) (sic)
Rob N is happy to continue arranging nets, altering the time from 6.15-8pm at Brighton College. We have to sort out stumps, as the College doesn’t supply them.
Maf has a small penis.
The College seem happy to keep the kit downstairs from the entrance. We need to have a system whereby each Beamer asks on the way in whether the kit has already been taken over.
Either A&E or Mr Cave’s dog let off the 3rd in a series of terrifying farts. I blame A&E, as Mr Cave can not be criticised as he then offered to look after both the match and practice kits; a hero, an absolute hero.
Rob will review the state of the kit in the Spring.
Jonners now rumoured to be in Brazil. 2nd calls to Fixture sec. Musso.
Winter nets are expensive – £28.00 per hour – but we may go for 3 nets on a Sunday evening from 8-9pm. It’s not thought to add to the overall skills portfolio of the Beamers, but is an excuse to have a pint.
Agenda item number (can you guess?) 5) Mr Cave mentioned the £300.00 again.
Triumph! Musso is contacted, and replies ‘Fuck, is it tonight?!’. One wonders what he was doing…
Mr Cave likes using the Team Box.
We should enough sets of stumps to nets to allow us to have them at the bowler’s end too. Ben felt that it would at least give Jonners a chance of hitting some…
Agenda item 6) Hugh was appointed Chairman of selectors and Director of Cricket, to general agreement but with little clarity to his role, responsibilities, and pay scale.
Once nominated, a match Captain ‘has to organise the next one’ (but I’m not sure what the ‘one’ is).
Hugh: ‘It’s probably something to do with marijuana’.
Fixtue Sec Musso arrives, flustered.
God appointed captain for all matches, pending volunteers. Maf expressed concern, but motion passed. Maf expressed concern again.
Fixtures: Headliners from Cuckfield are questionable, I think because we always play them away.
A&E will skipper Tangmere.
No Chigwell!
Mr Cave’s dog was lost, then found.
Musso will supply a list of fixtures and skippers.
Northants needs sorting. Siddo will contact Simon Smith as to this and Mr Smith’s commitment to Beamers.
Musso: ‘We can lose to anybody’.
Play the Brighton Exiles again, drop Patcham. Maf would like to skipper against Lewes, but they may drop us.
We should play a match the week before the tour.
Maf: ‘A woman goes into a bar, says to the barman ‘I’d like a double entendre’, the barman says ‘I’ll give you one’.’
Agenda item 4) Ditch North Molton on the tour, and Ilfracombe. Need to look for other teams. Some discussion on whether we go instead to Isle of Wight if Northants doesn’t happen, but it’s bloody expensive and is a shithole. John R, Maf and God have all had sex on the Isle of Wight (but not together).
Jeremy will contact Jim, whatever that means.
Item 7) All honorary posts will remain the same, but Musso will retire as Fixture Sec. in 2009 (the pressures of attending meetings on time evidently overwhelming him). Thanks were offered, and accepted.
Clive and trousers.
Global warming.
Bring Your Own.
EGM noted.
We need a Treasurer’s report.
Exuent Stage Left.

Notes From the Skippers Meeting – Held at the Battle of Trafalgar Some Weeks Ago

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Games Still Requiring a Skipper:

  • Headliners – May 11
  • Tangmere – May 18
  • Portslade – June 22
  • Brighton Xiles – June 29
  • Patcham – July 6
  • Lewes St Michaels – July 13
  • Ditchling – July 20
  • Hove Unicorns – Sept 7

Come on you eager skippers – let’s be having you…

Meanderings, Musings and Mutterings:

  • Maff offered to ring around prior to games if the skipper was struggling to get a team together
  • We should aim to get to the pub after nets on a Thursday to discuss stuff and drink beer.
  • Maff gave a team talk 8 months in advance of his skippership —- and was still talking at 11.00pm with enthusiasm about an opening attack containing Musso and Gusset!
  • The web site was discussed. The Meisters need content to make it work. Send anything and everything you have or produce to A&E or Esso.
  • A&E (in hurt tones and with a demonstration of his hand action) “I do spin the ball and it does turn!”

Predictions Also Recorded:

  • Musso will take his 500th wicket (many, many jugs long into the night)
  • If Niall scores 100 he will buy 100 jugs.
  • If Siddo scores a 50 he will buy all the beer all night (did I really say that? Yes you did!)
  • A&E declared he would take 20 wickets in the season – no word on any beer though (probably no need as this seems highly unlikely)
  • Esso to beat personal best (needs some research)
  • Maff #1: 50 in first game – bottle of wine for everyone in the pub after (which is presumably why he played in such a cavalier fashion once he passed 25 last Sunday…)
  • Maff #2: 50 against Twineham and Wineham – champagne for all!