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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

Brighton Beamers Cricket Club AGM 2004 – Minutes

Present: Richard M, Hugh, Rob N, Rob B, Steve, Dave, Thea, Niall, Rob S, Jeremy, Wayne, Pete, Jonners & Phil W

1 Apologies

Simon & Frank

2 Treasurer’s Report
Jonners warmed Beamers’ hearts by declaring that the Club was £616 in credit. However, we have still to pay for pitches and the final credit figure will be nearer £370. Calls for a jug were denied.
Jonners went on to announce a “Fees Freeze” for 2005, so nets will be £3.00, match fees £5.00 and subs £25.00. Towards the end of the evening, in a show of bravado, Pete, Steve, Niall and Dave all paid their subs for 2005 and Musso put in £10 towards his.
Jonners was thanked by all for his efforts and it was agreed that the burden of collecting nets and match fees would occasionally be borne by the Assistant Treasurers (Pete and Wayne, see 7 Official Posts). Musso said he wouldn’t be much use as the last time he collected match fees he ended up with six groats and a pfennig.

3 Fixtures
After a lot of nonsense the Beamers finally managed to make some decisions about the fixtures for 2005. The consensus was that, given the problems we’ve had this year in getting a full XI for several games, it would be a good idea to reduce the total number of fixtures next year. It was also agreed that there should be fewer games outside Brighton & Hove. August was deemed a tricky month and the number of fixtures in it was reduced to two.
Musso is looking into the ramifications of 2004 being a 53-week year, so exact dates for 2005 are yet to be fixed, but the proposed fixtures list is:
* denotes a Bank Holiday weekend
Apr 24 H TBA or Newick
May 1* A Palmers
May 8 A Unity
May 15 H Horstead Keynes
May 22 no fixture
May 29* H Chigwell
June 5 H Preston Park
June 12 no fixture (but possibly a BBQ at the Beast’s!)
June 18/19 A Northants Tour
June 26 A Ham & Petersham
July 3 A Portslade
July 10 H Tournament
July 17 no fixture
This is where it gets a bit complicated as there is some dispute about school holidays and whether the Tour should start on Thursday 21st or Thursday 28th July 2005. Musso will adjudicate. If the Tour is the earlier week, the fixtures continue as follows:
July 31 A Southwick Wanderers
Aug 7 no fixture
Aug 14 H TBA
Aug 21 no fixture
Aug 28* no fixture
Sep 4 H TBA
Sep 11 A Mountfield
Sep 18 A Watersfield
Sep 25 A Twineham & Wineham
It was decided to drop Mayfield, Rotherfield, Three Bridges 3rds, Storrington and Crawley completely. Newick, Sedlescombe and Crowborough were classified as oppo to keep, but only if we can get them to play us at home in a TBA.
See 8 & 9 below for decisions re Tour and Northants

4 Nets
Rob N was thanked for his work in organising winter and summer nets. It was agreed that we’d continue at Brighton College from the second or third Thursday in April until the end of August. An appeal was made for better attendance at nets as it was felt that they were an important opportunity for new players to be weighed up and drawn to the Beamerish bosom and the post-net pint helped with team cohesion. There was some discussion about the best venue for the post-net pint and I’ve written “Pub = fluid”, so I think that means that a final decision has yet to be made.
Rob N will book winter nets on four Thursday evenings in March, 8.00-9.00 pm. It was decided that only one net would be booked and that the first five or six Beamers to commit would participate and pay a maximum of £4.00 each. It was, rather reluctantly, agreed that any financial shortfall due to poor attendance would be covered by the Club.
Thea kindly offered her balcony as a reserve venue for winter nets.

5 Legal Stuff, Insurance, etc
In Frank’s absence we didn’t have much to say about these things, but it was agreed to carry on doing everything necessary.

6 Kit
Rather a thorny issue of late, the kit was deemed to be short of a bat and it was agreed that we should replace the lovely orange-handled Grey-Nicolls that went missing at the Tournament.
Niall agreed to prepare a kit inventory that can be checked immediately after each game.

7 Official Posts
The biggie here was Dave’s decision to stand down as Club Captain after 20 years. We thanked Dave for all his hard work over the years and he explained his reasons for relinquishing his post and outlined what the role entailed. It was suggested that the Beamers might prefer a “Committee of Elders” rather like the Jedi Knights. Musso wanted to be Yoda but in the end we stuck with the idea of a Club Captain. Rob N was nominated to fill Dave’s vacant paisley pants and he graciously accepted. It was felt that, in general, there needed to be more collective responsibility in the Club and that, though we do have various “officers”, we should all make more of an effort to play matches, come to nets, look after the kit and go to the pub more often. So, posts for 2005:
Club Captain (and Fairy Godfather) Rob Nicholls
Club Secretary Rob Siddens
Treasurer Jonathan Richards
Assistant Treasurers Wayne Wright and Peter Bailey
Fixtures Secretary Richard Mussett
Nets Man Rob Nicholls
Match Kit Man (and Match Kit Cats and Dogs) Dave Arthur
Net Kit Man Frank Rigby (to be confirmed)
Poet Laureate Hugh Parrott, yes it is
Social Secretary Thea Allison
Match Captains: Dave (2), Siddo (2), Steve (1 home game), Beast (2), Rob N (1 home game), Niall (Chiggers + 1 other if needed), Pete (1), Jeremy (Ham, 1 on Tour + 1 other if needed), Wayne (1 on Tour). Simon and Frank to be consulted on whether they wish to skipper.

8 Tour
After a flippant suggestion from the cheap seats about Wales it was agreed that we’d stick to Devon for the 2005 Tour, but that Beamers Base Camp should no longer be at Porlock, which was deemed too distant from match venues. The Beast said his brother new a bloke who ran a campsite near Croyde who didn’t like campers and it was unanimously agreed that the Beast should pursue this hot lead.
With regard to fixtures, the Friday game at Ashbrittle was dropped “like a stone to the bottom of the ocean” to make way for a family-orientated Beamers day at the seaside. The games at Tiverton Heathcote and Filleigh are to be retained and a new Sunday fixture somewhere near Croyde will be arranged.

9 Northants Tour
There was some debate as to whether the Beamers could stretch to another Northants Tour after the difficulties finding enough players this year, but we finally agreed that, as holders of the Six-a-Side trophy, we have to go back. Several players present at the AGM said they would probably go and we felt confident that Simon would be as resourceful as ever at getting a touring squad together. So, Northants 2005 is ‘go’. If, for whatever reason, it fails to materialise, we agreed that this weekend would be fixture-free.

10 The Website
Thanks to Simon and Steve. It looks lovely. Keep them skipper’s reports coming in.

11 Elephant Meal
Saturday October 30th, 9.00 pm at Kambi’s, BYO booze (no corkage), Jeremy to bring his own hubbly-bubbly fuel. Please let Rob and Dawn know if you intend to come – Dawn has a yes/no ticksheet. Pre-meal drinks venue TBA.

12 A.O.B.
New Blood, Fresh Impetus
It was agreed that 2004 had been a poor year for the Club both on and off the pitch. Several regular players have moved on or got a bit long in the tooth over the past few years and haven’t really been replaced by committed newcomers. It was felt that the Club needs some new blood for 2005 otherwise the Beamers’ days as a magical band of cricketing comrades and chums are numbered. We agreed to try and recruit at least one new player each to the Club for the new season and to be nice to them and encourage them to stay. The Beast lamented that we were no longer attractive to young people and was told to speak for himself.
Players were urged to make themselves available for as many games as they can manage and to declare their availability as far ahead as they can. The Skipper’s Log was resurrected towards the end of this season and was deemed a good way of keeping track of players’ availability. Niall agreed to create a Skipper’s Hit List detailing what needs doing when before, during and after the game you’re captaining, to be kept in the Skipper’s Log. (The Skipper’s Hit List will not tell you what to do when you’re actually captaining in the field.)
The Tournament
The future of the Tournament remains uncertain. We’d like to see the Bacchanalians dropped to be replaced by Palmers, perhaps. Musso (?) will contact the Unity to talk things over.
Jeremy and Emma are very kindly hosting the Beamers Cocktail Party this year at $£”%^&^*! on Saturday 18th December. Details to follow.
It was agreed that some sort of pre-season get-together, perhaps in April, would be a jolly good idea. Thea to follow up!

That was about it, I think. All in all, a hopeful AGM.

The future’s bright, the future’s Beamerish. Hoo-Haa!