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Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Phil Wake said…

…code me up with your styles,
I’ll download any bloggable templates.
Or better still…
give me something to bowl at…
Or maybe a leather ball to twat with me willow!

Apologies for promises not held…
Crop my crashing before it’s too late,
And post my poster to the Beamers…

Customising my porting content
and looking for a game


P.S. For A Cleaner And Better Blog Try


Monday, June 27th, 2005

News in from Musso that game at Benfield Valley on Sunday 2nd July cancelled.
The week later’s a scheduled week off in any event.
Something to be said for having a quiet one this weekend then arranging something for the 10th?

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Sorry folks, not sure why but we have teccie issues on the blog….it should all work as before, just look different….Will restore your Daze One links et al just as soon as I can…

Ham Hammered

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

In lieu of the scorebook, the tasty detail of the Ham feast goes something like this:
Beamers Inns:
Riggers: 24
Frank: 0 (2nd ball)
Smithers: 60 (though out to Dob) (1 jug)
Clive: 0 (to Dob)
Chafey: 0 (6th ball, charging up the wicket and missing Dob, floundering back, bowled)
Toungue: 44 (bowled)
Cave: 38 (ct mid on) (90 run 6th wicket ptnership)
Esso : a few n.o.
Musso: 0, none faced
dnb: Wayne & Marlon
Beamers total : 204 declared
Ham Inns:
80 odd all out!!!
Just about everyone had a bowl, apart from Smithers of course, most worthy of mention 2 spells of bowling from the youth poilcy:
Riggers ?overs, 5 for 4!! (1 jug)
Other highlights:
Smithers: 3 catches (jug awaited)
Wayne’s first wickets of the season (2)
Esso, 3 wickets (I think?)
Skipper’s jugs: 1

Beamers’ Inns Hams’

Jim & Cath have baby girl!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

I’m sure the great man will fill us in with the detail… all known so far is all’s well with Ma, Pa and the six pounder.
As fittingly as could be, on receipt of the news a delegation of Beamers hurriedly assembled at Terry Callier gig Thursday to toast the new arrival. Posted by Hello

Northants results

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Smithy writes:

Saturday game

Beamers 235 from 40 overs.
Chafey 68(**) :-()
Barney 67
Siddens 34
Smith 34

Southwick all out 142
Bowling figures not remembered – anyone fill in?

Sunday Sixes

Team A P P3 W2 L1
Teame B P P3 W2 L1
 Posted by Hello

Beamers Inns Southwicks

Friday, June 17th, 2005

Lord Chafey, or should I call you Grandpa Potts, you’ll have to do better!
Putting up smokescreens to deflect from the case against you is of course an age old tactic of an accused when he has no case to argue on the merits, but with charges of such gravity will simply not do…
The case against you gets stronger by the minute. Whereas at the time the arrest warrants were being issued your contribution to the Chiggers’ website was there for all to see in black and white (or at least a typically pansyish green and yellow) even as I compose this post it dissappears and is replaced by one purportedly from a true Chigwellian. The coincidence does not go unnoticed…
If you can’t answer the charges directly, may I suggest excercising your right to silence?


Thursday, June 16th, 2005

While we’re on the subject of crimes against Beamerdom, J, here’s the song I didn’t perform at the cocktail party. To be sung to the tune of Jacques Brel’s classic.

Ne Me Quitte Pas – A Plea to Mr Cave when he next goes to France

If you go away, for a ‘oliday, down to Nice or Cannes, in your camper van,
For a week or two, when ze skies are blue, to escape ze stress, with Em, Olly et Jess.
If you go away, for a ‘oliday, soak up lots of sun, have some Frenchy fun, but
Don’t take ze kit, don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit!

Hélas, c’est difficile, when ze kit’s in Lille, you get some nasty knocks, batting wizout a box,
No pads for goodness’ sake, ze Beamers’ legs might break, you cannot ‘it a six, when your bat’s in Biarritz.
It’s hard to play you see, when ze kit is in Paree. Ze stumps are eas’ly missed, when zey don’t exist.
So don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit!

If you go away, even for one day, whezer near or far, in your Mini car,
Have a little look, in ze bloody boot, if you see a bag, zat’s bright red wiz some black,
Wiz white stuff stickin’ out, give someone a shout, it mustn’t go away, in England it must stay.
Please don’t take ze kit, please don’t take ze kit, don’t forget ze kit, don’t forget ze kit!

Thursday, June 16th, 2005


Sunday, June 5th, 2005

Notable is absence in book of record of total for PP innings.
Was the tale of consecutive defeat all a horrible hallucination brought on by over-indulgence at communion at the Church of the Very High Beamers? Posted by Hello