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Beamers v Chigwell 2006

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Just the bare bones for now. Report to follow. It may take some time to explain fully what happened.

Chigwell CC 142-5, Lowe 3-42, Mussett 2-18
Beamers 142 all out, Randy 67, Cave 31

Match tied

Chiggers’ Innings



Sunday, May 7th, 2006

(click on the pic for captions…)Jugs in the Battle Another game,
Another 5 for (Rob Nic),
Another 50 (Sachin Bailey),
Another 6 and out (yes, yes),
Another win,
Another jug,
And another…
And some new art at the Battle.

Pulboroughs’ Innings Beamers’

Team of the Week

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Renshaw Appears At Nets!

Thursday, May 4th, 2006


Monday, May 1st, 2006

Palmers taken.
The Beast’s record of captaining only winning teams remains intact, yet for a good while it looked like being shattered in utter ignominy.
They get 159-9 batting first after losing toss, most Beams bowlers in the money but none close to matchless Wayne taking 5 for 18 off 11, Jonners snaffling a couple of good catches.
Batting very soggy to start save for Smithy pulling out new bat to hit swift 35 off 29, 6 fours, 1 six. After plenty of dobbing about the middle order went for Hari Kiri. 3 no less played on, poor Pete on first ball of his season. Riggers endured with a generally safe 24 doubtless puzzled at inertia at other end. He stuck around long enough to let Cave get his bearings but then fell, again playing on. Conditions by now arctic and light failing. Wayne and Jonners huddled under blankets like a couple of old grannies moaning at prospect of having to bat. Marlon joins Cave. 89-7. 71 to get, 10 overs to get them in. 3 wickets. A maiden follows. By 8 overs to go 67 required. Then come some boundaries. Some clinical hooking. Sweet drives, oh yes. 5 to go. 127 for 7. Start pressing some singles, cushion of grannies to come allowing a little more risk.
3 to come, opener back, nightfall, 28 required. Swotted over square leg for 4 first ball. Palmers panic mounting, constant toying with field, not sure to defend boundaries or quick ones. 12 off the over.
9 off the next.
Last over, 8 required. 2,1,1,4. Marlon striking the winner.
In lieu of the scans, for now…Smith 35; Riggers 24; Cave 37 n.o.; Lowe 25 n.o.

Palmers’ Innings Beamers’