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It’s Riggers!

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Wonder boy Riggers turned up for his first Elephant Meal and snatched the trophy from incumbent Marlon without hesitation.
A fine meal, a fine poem, fine speeches and a fullsome hymn.
Onward! Onward Beamers!

Er, Nets

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Siddo Reports:

Dear Beamers,
confirmation of nets starting 6.15 19th April 2007. Jonners please note the increase in rate to £30 per session. See you all there.

Elephant Menu

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

The Red Snapper Menu Online

AGM Minutes

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Minutes of Brighton Beamers Cricket Club AGM held on Thursday 2nd November at the Battle of Trafalgar

Disclaimer: Any similarity between these minutes and what actually took place is entirely coincidental

Present : Rob N, Beast, Simon, Frank, Hugh, Steve, Dave, Richard, Jonners, Pete, Jeremy, Betsy, Siddo
Apologies: Wayne
Agenda Item Discussion points Action to be taken

1. Treasurers report

According to Jonners assets stand at £492.14 (+£4 thank you Musso). This seems remarkably healthy state of affairs. £336 were spent on pitches including £50 when we failed to raise a team against Aldwick 2nd XI + any tea money and match fees we might have got as well.
In the glow of this apparent financial health Jonners declared a freeze on net fees (£3), match fees (£5) and club membership (£25). Hooray!
There was then a discussion about characters who play only a few games in the season eg Steve B, Gordy – should we have a cut price membership fee for these? Don’t think that any decision was arrived at.
A number of Beamers overwhelmed with enthusiasm and beer promptly paid there membership fees for next year.
Steve membership fee waived in return for web site work.
Some discussion about non-playing members. ie should Hugh pay for the privilege of life membership/honorary president? General feeling was that he should not. Hugh nevertheless made a donation to club funds.

2. Fixtures

A lot of this discussion was carried out at the other end of the table which I couldn’t hear. Nevertheless…
Musso went through all the current fixtures and there was general agreement to drop the tournament and also not to have a fixture on the week before tour.
Try to get Tand Wineham fixture moved forward a week into Sept ( can’t remember the reason for this)
Simon reported that Northants/Southwick want to come to Brighton for a weekend and play some cricket. Suggestions of 2 innings game? Instead of tournament? Better to play them on Sunday after their night out then we might have a chance of actually beating them! Maybe combine with Beamers Summer party evening?
Rob N had copy of Firle fixture list. They have a Sunday team and lots of gaps on the list especially in June. General agreement that it would be a fantastic fixture.
Frank mentioned a game in West Sussex against opposition and location that he could not remember…
Richie from Chigwell has had triplets!! Don’t know if this affects our chances of victory.
Musso to try and do this
Simon to contact Northants and see what they want.
Jeremy to contact Firle and sort out fixture
Frank to pursue this

Eventually decided to keep tour in last week of July as schools final break up date on weds 25th July and therefore tour can happen as usual on thurs,fri,sat. Review of Tour – Bratton Fleming good , Illfracombe bad, Filleigh – would have been good. Therefore replace Ilfracombe with….?
Beast said his brother could raise a team to play us.
Northants tour going ahead as usual.
Beast to research


General bemoaning of the fact that some skippers did not seem to realize they were skippering until it was too late or didn’t realize at all, so others had to jump in at last minute.
It was suggested that promises of skippering was the beer talking and the solution to that was probably unacceptable to most.
Dave suggested that named skipper should be financially responsible if unable to raise a team.
Finally agreed that named skippers are responsible for getting a team together even if they do not actually play themselves. Also that there should be a meeting (a GCSE – G….. can’t remember what this stands for, Captain’s Selection Evening) in March before the fixture list is printed when prospective skippers get together and decide who is skippering when.
Siddo to organize GCSE in March

5. Players and player availability
Agreed (again) that people should register their availability by email. If Badders people can do it why not Cricket team? Usual discussion about the contact list.
Raising a team is easier when we have nets but it is more difficult in Aug Sept. Captain’s log worked reasonably well especially when previous captain had already passed on list of availables from previous match.
Discussion about new players and our failure to convert interest into actual appearances. Next season we will be without Riggers and last minute friends also Beast is refusing to commute despite the availability of cheap flights. Richard Tongue?
Do we pick new players if they turn up to nets at the expense of older more established Beamers?
Need a contact person to look after new players and promote their interests to prospective skippers. Steve S and Siddo to sort out updated contact list
Captains to check availability for next match
Simon to be new membership contact person

6. Nets
Current venue perfect although could do with nets going on a bit longer.
Explore the possibility of post tour nets at Falmer
Jonners pointed out that need 9 people at nets to break even – doesn’t always happen.
Frank pointed out that often there were numerous people at nets but still unable to raise a team on Sunday. Danger of becoming a non cricket playing cricket team. Always been thus (ha ha!) – Simon I think.
Winter nets very expensive and loss making unless there is a large turnout and then everyone gets very limited time. Palmers have winter nets at Blatch? Maybe people could join them? Net secretary to explore possibility
Jeremy to find out about Palmers

7. Legal Stuff
Usual discussion… but maybe we would not have to pay Brighton and Hove Cricket Association fees (£200+) if we could have all our home fixtures at Hove rec and /or the University rather than council pitches.
Concern about our legal position if passerby gets hit. Jeremy sure that passerby have no legal comeback as they are deliberately walking past cricket match and therefore are accepting the risk.
Pointed out that our potential for inflicting damage is diminishing year on year especially as some of us have trouble getting the ball off the square. Musso to explore possibility

8. Kit
Kit bag is a bit tatty but new bag is ridiculously expensive.
Frank pointed out that most teams do not have a tem kit but players have their own stuff. General opposition to this individualist approach. Anarchist/syndicalist/collectivist tradition of the Beamers is symbolised by having a (red) team kitbag.
Complaints about the excess number of boxes cluttering up the kit bag. All present claimed to have their own except Beast. Agreement to donate all surplus boxes to Beast as going away present. ( I know ,I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense but he jugs were piling up by this point).
Dave suggested that the excess bulk in the match kit bag was because of pads – they have got paddier over the years.
Frank agreed to maintain his role as net kit person.
Jeremy ageed to continue to be overall Kit man
Agreed that Niall should once again produce laminates for kit…
Frank and Jeremy to carry on roles.
Jeremy to see if any possibility of storing net kit at Brighton college

9. Positions
Rob N resigned for club captain!
Discussion then about whether club captain was needed. Vote taken 9:3 in favour of having the position but noone came forward to do it.
Other positions
Treasurer: Jonners
Treasurer’s deputy : Pete
Fixture Secretary : Musso
Secretary : Siddo
Membership and contact number. person : Simon
Net Secretary : Siddo
Kit people : Jeremy and Frank
Laminates: Niall

10. Socials
Elephant meal 18th Nov 9.00pm at Restaurant at seven dials Red snapper.
Frank still negotiating about coffee and desserts. £15 per head BYO alcohol.
Meet at the Prestonville pub £7.30 onwards
Xmas cocktail do – 16th Dec: Jeremy away so need new venue. Jeremy has cache of stuff for cocktails etc to pass on.
Mrs Beast told Beast not to volunteer.
Dave and Siddo agreed to check with Jane and Dawn about possible hosting of event
There will be a summer do. No decision about what or when or how
Curry quiz??? Vegetarians need to let Frank know
Dave to check with Jane
Siddo to check with Dawn

11. AOB
Web site /blog thing _ Dave would like some simple instructions on how to use it.
Results stats etc for website.
Jeremy agreed to provide some
Esso and Musso agreed to liaise on this.

Meeting finished at about 11.20pm