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Tour Detail 2007

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Dear all,

Tour Details:

Click on the links for maps and directions.

As usual we shall be camping at Cherry tree farm on the North side of Croyde bay

Most will be arriving on Wednesday evening, but some will be arriving at the first game directly.

The first game is on Thursday at Bratton Fleming
v Bratton Fleming
26 July, Thurs 2.30

The second at Filleigh This is a 12 noon start……!!!!!
v Filleigh
27 July, Fri 12.00!

Finally we shall smite, smut, smote North Molton
v North Molton
28 July, Sat 2.30

If anyone needs transport please send a reply all to the last email you got from Simon.

God’s speed.

Beamers in bizarre DEFEAT episode

Monday, July 16th, 2007

So the glory and the dream that is an unbeaten season was washed away, like so many days this summer, by the Ditchling ‘beacons’. On a very muggy, oppressive and unforgiving July Sunday at Saxon Road, Hove, the Beamers wonderous world of cricket finally stopped spinning. Seven days is a long time in Beamers land and how the victory vibe against Patcham last week evaporated will be a topic for debate for many years to come. Was it that we fielded more bowlers than a hat stand, dropped a Parton of dollies or just couldn’t crank it up when the willow so required?

After an early wicket via the mighty Wright Ditchling recovered to something like 55 for 1. “Catches win matches” they never fail to remind us on Sky TV and how we were to rue a string of slip ups in the slip, mid off and long on. Beamers needed a breakthrough and it came from a spell of textbook liquid cricket from ‘Mr and Mrs’ combo Nicholls and Marlene. Rob on a hatrick and Marlon keeping it feisty. All was looking well as the oppo sank to something like 88 for 5 and team Beamer could banter about tea and the delight of Maf’s cheese and chutney sandwiches, rumour had it that cherries and chocolate cake were also on the menu.

Unfortunately the Ditchling middle order had some bone and the scoreboard began to click its heels to the beat of numerous fours and a very big six. Wickets eventually came again, Jonners “The Cat” catching a clip off the bowling from young Riggers again but by this time Ditchling were on 150 odd, a score that quite frankly flattered them. As the close came toothy Toungster was particularly inspired by the promise of extra strawberries and lemon slice and produced one of the greatest caught and bowled the game of village cricket has ever seen, elastic arms and solid palms! Musso then wrapped it up and Beamers were left to chase 164 for victory. Expectation fizzed through team like space dust.

After a very hearty, well-prepared and very well received tea Rigby Senior and Junior opened and the omens appeared ominous as Riggers was out not playing a shot. His explanation “I wasn’t thinking” a very accurate assessment. Then after two lives were given to Toungster a miscommunication between skipper and non-striker resulted in a run out. Ditchling were pumped and some rather predictable sledging ensued as they referred to our number four as the tail. Undeterred and full of cheese and chutney Maf dispatched a dozen loose efforts and raced onto 28, the tail rumour satisfyingly nullified. Sadly skipper got a peach from a bowler called ‘Potties’ followed by another across the line ‘shit shot selection’ from Moors. Beamers on the ropes 44 for 4 (or something like that, alliteration preferred to fact). Nicholls then became involved in another potential hat trick…out for a golden. Ouch! Simon followed shortly, perhaps regretting not having the beef and horseradish earlier on offer. Defeat was now looming like the throbbing dark purple cloud above. Boundary badinage was muted and we raised our spirits by slagging off Derek Pringle, a lazy recourse if not a worthy one.

However all was not seemingly lost as the Beamer spine had some pluck and marrow too. Wayne and Musso took the game to Ditchling and asked them questions only a cock plucker could answer. A respectable draw was to be the feather in the cap? No! Wayne out to leg slip and then Musso to something else. 24 balls for ‘Golden arm’ Gordy and Jonners to bring HMS Beamer to the port of a valiant draw. Tension amongst the comrades off field was manifest but not at the crease for Gordy blocking and leaving like a music hall trooper gave hope . Then with ten balls to go Jonners left the gate open and out ran the Ditchling children, there to frolic on the streets of victory.

Story by Tooth and Tail, AKA Tonguester and Maff

Beamers Continue unbeaten run

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Once more the Beamers showed their absolute and utter domination of the cricket world by continuing their unbeaten 2007 season. An excellent performance with both bat and ball and ball and bat secured a convincing victory against Patcham CC.

A tidy bowling and fielding performance secured a target of 123 to win. The Beamers then mopped up the runs with an extra hour of drinking time to spare. Tonguester top scoring with 58.