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Sun fails to shine, Beamers still make hay

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

The promised sun failed to appear (well until the last over) but that didn’t take the shine off a fine Beamers performance in the opening game of the season.

The skipper lost the toss and the Beamers inserted. Openers Ben and John were not troubled by the bowlers (but their running between the wickets…), with Ben continuing his Elephantine form of 2009, eventually top-scoring with 69, and John troubled only by the finger of umpire J, out lbw (a scenario that was to become all too familiar).

Maf strode to the wicket and biffed boundaries Maf-stylee beautifully only to become the next victim to be struck down with a case of umpires-finger. Billy didn’t need any help from the ump but got a shooter instead (in true Preston Park style there was nothing true about the pitch) and trudged off for a duck. Marlon hit a brutal 22 off seven before being caught which brought the skipper to the crease with the Beamers in a spot of bother.

Cool, calm and collected as ever (are you sure? Ed.) he steadied the good ship Beamer with the help of J (no, sorry another lbw victim), Siddo (no, sorry another lbw victim), A&E (no, sorry another… wait he wafted outside off stump instead), yes G!

A beautifully crafted innings of 18, with the skip striking a fifty, meant we were soon sailing towards 200 and in the process Rob and G snatched the long standing ninth wicket partnership with a stand of 60 before G was surprised by one that popped and was out last ball.

A top tea from Ben, A&E and Mark and then just the oppo to sort. Hmm…

When a skipper plans his team, his strategy (no, really) and whether five slips is a bit optimistic, in his wildest dreams he thinks – wouldn’t it be brilliant to get a wicket with the first ball?

Well, sometimes dreams come true and J steaming up the hill (no doubt with Gil Scot Heron’s dulcet tones ringing in his ears) knocked the opener’s middle stump back first up with a corker – HOO and indeed HAAH. And that set the tone for the rest of the day.

Billy at the other end was at his bamboozling best, picking up three quickly (including ‘catch of the season’ from A&E in the slips) with J once more proving just too damn fast and the skip was having to make a change quicker than usual. But, with eight top bowlers at his disposal, who to turn to? Equality, ever his touchstone, meant those who hadn’t had much of a bat got the nod.

So Siddo for Billy. Two for one if you please and Mark bowling a beautiful outswinging line in for J. He was eventually rewarded with three good wickets and A&E taking over from Siddo duly wrapped up proceedings in his inimitable fashion.

Jugs were duly bought and supped at both the Tavern and the Battle with idle talk of an unbeaten season. Well, why not…

Rob N

Angmering Scorecard

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Brighton Beamer Vs Angmering
1-Innings Match Played At Preston Park, 25-Apr-2010,
Brighton Beamer Win by 134 runs
Toss won by    Angmering
Scorers    Billy Hewie

Brighton Beamer 1st Innings 196/9 Declared (Overs 42)
Batsman    Fieldsman    Bowler    Runs    Bls    4s    6s
Rigby,B+    lbw    b A,Richer    69    59    11    1
John,R    lbw    b Hughes    0    13    0    0
Maf,M    lbw    b Hughes    17    18    2    1
Hewie,B         b 1,H    0    2    0    0
Lowe,M    c ?    b A,Richer    22    22    2    1
Rob,N*    not out         54    65    6    0
Cave,J    lbw    b A,Richer    0    2    0    0
Siddens,R    lbw    b A,Richer    2    16    0    0
Eaton,A         b A,Richer    1    6    0    0
Gordon,G    c ?    b Hughes    18    37    2    0
Renshaw,M    dnb         –
extras         (b0 lb2 w10 nb1)    13
TOTAL         9 wickets for    196

1-13(John,R) 2-49(Maf,M) 3-52(Hewie,B) 4-110(Lowe,M) 5-120(Rigby,B) 6-121(Cave,J)
7-130(Siddens,R) 8-135(Eaton,A) 9-196(Gordon,G)

Bowler    O    M    R    W
Hawkins,H    4    0    25    0
Hughes    13    0    72    3
1,H    11    0    37    1
A,Richer    8    0    42    5
1,C    6    1    29    0

Angmering 1st Innings 62/9 (Overs 25)
Batsman    Fieldsman    Bowler    Runs    Bls    4s    6s
A,Richer         b Cave,J    0    1    0    0
a,B         b Hewie,B    4    0    0    0
1,C         b Cave,J    10    0    0    0
1,M    c Eaton,A    b Hewie,B    1    0    0    0
Hughes         c&b Hewie,B    0    0    0    0
1,H         b Renshaw,M    9    0    0    0
a,Beales    lbw    b Eaton,A    13    0    0    0
White         b Siddens,R    2    0    0    0
Hawkins,H    not out         10    0    0    0
Harvey         b Renshaw,M    13    0    0    0
extras         (b0 lb0 w0 nb0)    0
TOTAL         10 wickets for    62

1-0 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 6-0 7-0 8-0 9-0 10-0

Bowler    O    M    R    W
Cave,J    6    3    9    2
Hewie,B    6    1    7    3
Renshaw,M    7    1    20    2
Siddens,R    3    2    1    2
Eaton,A    3    0    18    1

2010 Fixtures List Published

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

25.04 Angmering CC (H) PP RN
9.05 Chigwell (E.Brighton) NCh
16.05 Tangmere CC (A) RS
23.05 TBA AE
6.06 Burgess Hill CC (A) AE
13.06 Ansty CC (H) PP FR
20.06 Portslade CC (A) BH
27.06 Preston Park CC (H) PP FR
4.07 Palmers CC (A) BR
11.07 Lewes St Michaels CC (A) AE
18.07 Ditchling CC (A)FR
25.07 TBA FR
1.08 Crawley Down CC (A) BR
8.08 Seaford Seagulls CC (A) BH
15.08 TBA
22.08 TBA BR
5.09 Hove Unicorns CC (H) PP RN
12.09 Watersfield CC (A) FR
19.09 Angmering CC (A) NC
26.09 Twineham CC (A) JC

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