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Beamers Bathe in the Burning Sun and Ben and Billy’s Gold

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

“A fantastically beautiful ground, friendly hosts, great tea and a thrilling match…” 

John Riches.

 The first scorchingly sunny Sunday of the season found an intrepid band of Beamers exploring new territory in the backwoods of Polegate.  After a last minute change of routing when the Word of God suggested that the coast road would be “heaving”, your eager representatives turned up early and ready to sit in the shade, trying to keep cool while we waited for the opposition to finish their lunches and join us for some Village Rules merriment.

After winning the toss, your skipper elected to bat, reckoning that posting a score while getting the Beef and Banoffee Pie-filled opposition running about in the heat of the early afternoon was just the job.  Much shaking of heads by the Jevington team on my return to the pavilion suggested that they would have done the same. Honest.

Rigby (God) and Rigby (Riggers) were sent out as our lead-off hitters, with Rigby (Jug buyer in chief) to follow.  Early indications were less than auspicious and suggested that the following factors would need to be taken into consideration:

  1. When their skipper said, “Low and slow”, he wasn’t lying
  2. The outfield didn’t just look like it needed a cut…
  3. The steep slope at the top end of the ground meant that scoring runs in that direction was going to be tricky
  4. Their ground fielding was very alert and keen
  5. We’d struggle to reach the 200 I was hoping for

 After a couple of Frank’s nicely struck early shots went straight to fielders, He was undone by a cruel shooter, bringing Two-Ton Ben to the crease.  To say that the next passage of play was agony to watch is an understatement, but I’m reliably informed that it was even worse out in the middle – both young Rigbys struggled to get going, with the dullness of the pitch and outfield and the keenness of the fielding all combining to make run-scoring painfully slow.  (At this point, it is customary to console oneself with the thought that, “It’s the same for both teams”.  But, really; keenness in the field?  The Beamers? Exactly…)

After an innings of Tavare-like torpor from Riggers (6 runs from 3 scoring shots in 45 balls according to his, Frankly, rather unsupportive father) was ended to his great relief, Billy strode to the crease.  Unfortunately, not only had he worn himself out walking around and around Prestonville and its environs earlier in the day because he couldn’t to remember the name of the street I live on, and further exerted himself with some comedy Yes-No-Waiting with Ben, but he also failed to take into account the combination of the slope and the long grass at the top end when going for a second run.  Result: ball stopped 10 yards sooner than normal, fielder got to it and threw it in quicker than expected and puffing Billy was well short of his ground.

But fear not, for joining Ben at the crease was John R, eager to make up for his duck in the Angmering game and ready to take the aerial route.  There then followed a short passage which was the highlight of our innings, with both John and Ben thrashing away mightily and the runs starting to flow, at least until Ben – yet again top-scorer – went for one too many big shot and was caught for a fine 54.  At this stage, with about 50 minutes to go until tea, debutant Sanjeev joined John (second top scorer with 22) at the crease, we were still short of 100 and my revised target of 150 was looking ambitious.  In spite of considerable swiping and swishing, some spirited, if erratic, running between the wickets and one mighty 6 from Marlon, a scrambled 134-9 was the best we could do.  And, yes, for those of you not aware, I was run out without facing a ball…

And so to tea.  In spite of the lack of Banoffee Pie (they’re probably sick of it, to be fair), a fine tea was provided (you know the kind of thing – coronation chicken sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, fresh mango and pineapple, tea in real mugs – proper) and a plot was duly hatched to dispatch the Jevers.

Things did not start well.  Marlon, steaming in down the hill, struggled with his footholds and his temper while Isaac at the other end struggled to locate the devastating form he’s been showing in the nets recently.  After six overs of this, with their openers sailing serenely along, something had to be done, so Marlon swapped ends and Billy came on down the hill.  From the start, Billy proved to be a handful, beating bat, stumps and (occasionally) Jonners with infuriating regularity (and once hitting the leg stump without removing a bail), but the runs continued to come. 

An over or two before the start of the final 20, Marlon came off and the time seemed right to offer a distinctively different kind of Slow Left Arm to complement Billy’s screw-turning at the other end.  Amazingly, it worked.  From being nearly halfway home with all their wickets intact and plenty of time to get the runs, Jevington’s finest contrived to get out with remarkable regularity.  The key to this was undoubtedly Billy’s masterly, miserly spell.  Not only did he take four wickets but by going for only 1.5 runs an over he forced the batsmen to look to score at the other end, much to my benefit. 

In summary, a combination of Billy’s pressure, some (mostly) good catching, my Dobby filth coming out of the setting sun and the afore-mentioned low, slow pitch meant that with five overs left, Jevers were 7 down, still needing around 40 more to win and Billy had just got their top scorer out, caught by Ryan (who swears he was looking!) at Square Leg.  I had, however, just gone for plenty in my previous over so Isaac was brought back on with the instruction to, “Get this bloke out”.  On this pitch, a crooked-bat forcing shot through the off-side was always likely to result in a dragged-on, and so it proved.

4 overs to go.  35 odd needed.  2 Wickets. Interesting…

Another miserly over from Billy. 

I controversially bring myself back on to replace Isaac after 1 over with the aim of befuddling the new batsman. Fail. Miserably.  Very interesting…

Another miserly over from Billy. 

Last over.  Still 8 down. 18 to win.  Marlon back on and bowling those evil fast off-breaks he likes to torment Jonners with.  First ball: four! 14 to win.  Second ball: got ‘im!!! 

Their young number eleven mans the breach in splendid fashion and heroically withstands the pressure of the longest last four balls of an over of all time, the field being tampered with constantly by the five captains we now appear to have on the field.

Result: Jevington finish on 121-9 and the drawn match is followed by beers with our hosts, firstly Harveys at the ground (from a polypin in Jonners’ car boot) then jugs of Young’s Gold at the 8 Bells courtesy of Billy and Ben. 

Still undefeated and all’s well in Beamerland.


News in of Jevington draw…

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Beamers batted first and reached 134 for 9 – low and slow wicket plus a slow outfield made scoring tricky.  They reached 60 odd for none in reply and it looked all over before Billy bowled a marathon spell and took 4-25 (ish).  They started the last over of their final 20 needing 18 to win with two wickets in hand.  Ended up 121-9.


Chigwellian Review

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

The Chiggers perspective on, er, Beamers’ winning draw (more…)

Chigwell Scorecard

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Brighton Beamers CC – 1st XI vs Chigwell CC – 1st XI

Result: Drawn

Date: Sun 9th May 2010 @ 14:00

Type: Friendly

Scoring: Standard

Toss: Brighton Beamers CC – 1st XI won the toss and decided to bat

Highlights: Brighton Beamers 251-7 (43) B Rigby 100 Chigwell CC 191-6 (37) A Peters 82* R Hannant 52 Lowe 3-28

Brighton Beamers CC – 1st XI

R B 4s 6s
P Bailey LBW Richard Hannant 4 0 0 0
B Rigby st Adam Peters Brad Davis 100 0 0 0
Smith Rob Orange 19 0 0 0
Hewie Rob Orange 36 0 0 0
F Rigby ct Rob Allum Nick Allum 7 0 0 0
R Nicholls ct Nick Allum Nick Allum 5 0 0 0
N Chafey Brad Davis 30 0 0 0
Cave Not Out 38 18 0 2
Lowe Not Out 6 0 0 0
R Siddens Did Not Bat
Eaton Did Not Bat
Extras ( 2lb  4w  ) 6
Total (7 wickets dec, 43 overs) 251

Fall Of Wickets

6-1 ; 44-2 ; 117-3 ; 143-4 ;
162-5 ; 186-6 ; 242-7 ; -8 ;
-9 ; -10 ;


O M R W Nb Wd
Richard Hannant 4 0 38 1 0 0
Rob Allum 9 0 42 0 0 0
Rob Orange 16 0 87 2 0 0
Nick Allum 11 0 43 2 0 0
Brad Davis 3 0 39 2 0 4

1st XI

R B 4s 6s
Francois Maignen 1 11 0 0
Rob Allum ro B Rigby 12 18 1 1
Adam Peters Not Out 82 94 14 0
Aqeel Kadri 13 14 3 0
Richard Hannant + 54 33 11 0
Dan Lewis * 12 11 2 0
Owen Evans 0 10 0 0
Nick Allum Not Out 0 0 0 0
Rob Orange Did Not Bat
Brad Davis Did Not Bat
Extras ( 4b  5lb  8w  ) 17
Total (6 wickets, 37 overs) 191

Fall Of Wickets

18-1 ; 28-2 ; 54-3 ; 151-4 ;
165-5 ; 185-6 ; -7 ; -8 ;
-9 ; -10 ;


O M R W Nb Wd
R Siddens 4 0 24 0 0 0
R Nicholls 4 0 28 0 0 0