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Beamers in Tusker Shock – A Deity Writes…

Monday, December 6th, 2010

… a clip I just picked up from the Daily Dobber…

Last Year's Winner, Ben, Quickly Slaps His Name on Before Passing on the Trophy

“The sound of jaws dropping in disbelief, mouths agape with shock and a stunned silence greeted the announcement of this year’s Elephant Trophy winner. From absolutely nowhere a rank outsider named Billy who had been given little or no chance of even appearing in the first round, let alone the final vote-off, stormed past a disbelieving field to walk off with the Beamers’ most coveted prize. Amidst ashen-faced spectators and opponents reeling in incredulity, someone with terrible batting and bowling figures, no knowledge or appreciation of the statistics, a risible attendance record and a questionable commitment to the Beamer cause, somehow thwarted the tried and tested voting system to claim the crown…

Billy: Throbbing with Pride as he Views His Trophy

Well done Billy! Don’t believe what you read in the papers.


…and in other news, Siddosec reports that, contrary to some scurrilous rumours that I won the Churney for my amusing bowling, in fact, “A&E came a very close second to the worthy winner which was Riggers hitting his first six. Apparently it WASN’T a short boundary”.

Churney King Riggers

And finally, the evening was graced by a moving valedictory address from Marlon…

Marlon Departs