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A Different Sunday, But It’s The Same Old Story…

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

For the second successive Sunday, The Beamers found ourselves bowling first and with the opposition’s top-order ruthlessly dispatched.  Alas, followers of our approach this season will not be surprised to learn that, for the second successive Sunday, post-match beers were of the “oh fuck-it” variety.

There were similarities aplenty.  In both cases, The Beamers bowled first, with the early damage inflicted by our pace attack  (the highlight a magnificent 5-fer from Marlon in the second game) being accompanied by much discussion of what to do with the rest of the day after the Palmers-2010-like steamrollering which was surely in the bag.  All followed, naturally enough, by a minor recovery, a small tumble of further wickets, and then tail wagging of painful proportions.

There were differences too.  Driving rain at Portslade; glorious sunshine at East Brighton for the Preston Park game.  Portslade’s crucial stand was for the last wicket; Preston Park’s was for the 8th.  In the West, an early spot of dob hit the off stump of their top scorer without removing the bail (just don’t, ok?); in the East, an early spot of dob missed the off stump of their top scorer by a whisker.  Apart from Ben briefly threatening the drunk on the boundary, nobody really got going in our reply at Portslade; against Preston Park, Maf and Tonguester had an opening stand of more than 70 before the wickets started to tumble.  At Portslade, a splendid tea; from Preston Park, a splendid post-match barbeque at The Bugle.  There were even differences in the shocking lbw decisions: in the first game, Riggers was sawn off by one which would have missed another set; in the second, Billy was sent packing after edging one robustly onto his pad.

So many differences and yet the same result: Beamers lose, massively.


Not so much Hoo Haa as Ho Hum.

A&E (in the absence of anything more substantial, or indeed accurate, from the skippers…)


Skipper Skuppered!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Another Skipper Skuppered

Frank knows how he feels…


Bails Up? Balls Up!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Undaunted by the hovering clouds and the heavy rain in Brighton and encouraged by the more positive meteorological news from Three Bridges, The Beamers XI joined the queuing traffic on the A23, all looking forward to taking on the might of the TBCC Sunday Firsts.

Initial impressions were of a fine facility, boasting splendid aids to a happy day’s cricket, including covers and a groundsman.  Alas, the covers were spread across the pitch and it was not difficult to distinguish between the groundsman and a ray of sunshine.

Catches Win Matches

The warm-up completed, we sat around for a while, with both Frank and their skip trying to persuade said groundsman that a friendly T20 wouldn’t trash his beloved square.  After an hour of this nonsense, with the drizzle becoming rain, the game was abandoned without a ball being bowled and all that was required was a speedy return to Brighton for an afternoon of beer.

Instead, we were persuaded to hang around for 10 minutes (“because the food’s nearly ready and it would be great if you could help us eat it”).  Ten minutes became 45, and then we were charged £2 each, with a request for a further £2 on returning for seconds.  (Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest!)

So we left.  Having sat round for a couple of hours drinking poor beer.  Then, this happened…

Beamers on Tour

Ben Cranks It Up

Chorus of Perfect Day anyone?