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The Golden Arm of Gordon Young

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Well it was pissing down at 12.30pm so a 1.30pm start (or any for that matter) looked unlikely but that didn’t take into account the Beamers legendary desire for September cricket. We just willed the rain away.

Rigby (father and son) both hung over from hanging out with the stars at Twickers meant we had to bowl first though I would have done that anyway because I love a chase (missus) and as Marlon had alluded to earlier – with an attack including three members of the original ‘Wall of Seam’, what could go wrong…

As it happens, not much. The bowling attack was committed to a man, the fielders sharp as a very sharp thing, responding to every move demanded of them by the skipper.

Musso, back to his inspired best, was tighter than a Tory chancellor (three runs off seven overs if you please) and Andy, his coalition partner equally parsimonious, with a liberal (democrat) sprinkling of boundaries. But no wickets fell. If you can’t have left wing have left hand that’s what I always say. So it fell to Golden Arm and the Dobmeister.

What can you say about Gordy? No nets, two games all year and he grabs the game by the scruff of the neck. Approaching the wickets so smoothly you felt that gossamer must be involved somewhere he was soon bamboozling the openers.

Then a jaffa/shooter (delete where applicable) and the rot set in. A couple of good catches and a fantastic C&B coupled with an archetypal A&E spell (couple of wickets and some absolute filth) and Beamers thoughts were turning to tea.

Just time for some vintage Billy and a bit of Skip and the Unicorns were bowled out in the last over for 162 – see, seamless (with a bit of seam obviously…).

Hangovers duly dealt with the Rigbys went out to bat, with entertainment promised and duly delivered (too many alliterations – Ed.) Riggers eventually carried his bat for an unbeaten (and game saving) fifty and Rigby F did his bit too, though the full length dive, face in the mud, was a little unedifying.

Marlon got a shooter, Maf was a ‘little under the weather’ and Billy started and stuttered. We pushed on always looking to get the total, but to be honest were always a bit behind the rate, and it was getting increasingly hard to get off the square.

Eventually with a couple of overs left, Riggers (the immoveable opener) looked at the boundary for a signal from the skipper, got an exaggerated forward defensive in response and did likewise. We ended up about 20 short but as we got more wickets I reckon…

Rob Nic